Commercial Solar Installation & Maintenance

Commercial Solar Installation
Commercial Solar Installation & Maintenance

The Power of Commercial Solar in Protecting Your Business

As a commercial business striving for greater achievements and conveying this message to your existing and potential customers, having solar power as an added asset showcases the type of company you are. Not only does it demonstrate your commitment to sustainable practices, but it also inspires the public to contribute to a greener community.


Why iteQ is the Right Partner For You

We assess, design, install, and provide ongoing support for customised commercial solar, battery, and EV charging solutions, ensuring a seamless transition to clean energy.

Quality Guaranteed

We prioritise thorough surveys and utilise advanced software to ensure your system operates at 100% potential even before installation.

Experts in Solar

Our team consists of highly skilled, fully accredited, and knowledgeable professionals who excel in their field. With up-to-date and comprehensive Health and Safety policies, we guarantee a safe and secure installation process.

Committed to Longevity

By using only the best components, we ensure your system enjoys a long lifespan with minimal maintenance requirements.

Full Potential Unlocked

We are committed to selling you a system that delivers its full potential, and our full insurance coverage protects you throughout the installation process. We also offer after-sales support packages for your peace of mind.

Commercial Solar Installation & Maintenance

Maximising Efficiency for Your Business

When evaluating ways to improve your business operations, it's essential to assess the benefits you can gain from solar energy and evaluate the current efficiency of your business without it.

Whether you're a small business aiming for growth or a larger enterprise seeking a commercial upgrade to enhance both the economic and aesthetic aspects of your buildings, solar power can cater to both visions. With 30 years of industry experience and knowledge backing us, iteQ Solar excels in delivering exceptional installations of all sizes.

Commercial Solar Installation & Maintenance

Reducing Your Business's Carbon Footprint

Utilising clean, renewable energy to generate electricity for your business is a smart alternative to using conventional electricity sources that not only cost more but also release harmful CO2 emissions. As our planet teeters on the brink of irreversible environmental damage, implementing seemingly small changes in your business practices becomes crucial in preventing further harm to our community. By embracing solar energy, your business takes a significant step toward reducing its carbon footprint and creating a sustainable future for all.

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Improving The Performance Of Solar Energy.

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