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Battery Storage

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We focus on providing exceptional services in the design, installation, and commissioning of renewable energy systems, LED lighting solutions, electrical inspection and testing, battery storage, EV charge points, and comprehensive electrical contracting services. Our expertise spans from domestic to industrial projects, including repair and maintenance, covering Dorset, Hampshire, and surrounding counties.

Battery Storage

The Synergy Between Battery Storage and Solar PV

Battery storage has become an essential complement to solar PV systems for homeowners. Tesla Powerwall, in particular, offers a perfect solution for homes with surplus energy and no means to store it. By harnessing battery storage, you can efficiently utilise unused energy instead of letting it go to waste. This enables you to:

Battery Storage

Unleash the Power of Solar Battery Storage

Solar panels rely on sunlight to generate energy, which means you typically revert to grid power when it's dark. However, with the addition of a battery storage system, surplus solar energy can be stored for later use. During the day, the batteries are charged using solar energy, ensuring they are fully replenished. By redirecting excess solar energy to the batteries instead of exporting it to the National Grid, you can enjoy the benefits of using stored energy during night-time hours.

Two popular types of batteries used are lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries. What sets them apart? As their names suggest, lead-acid batteries are constructed with lead, while lithium-ion batteries utilise metal lithium. Most experts consider lithium batteries to be of superior quality. While they may have a higher upfront cost, they offer greater efficiency compared to lead batteries. This means that lithium batteries charge at a faster rate, providing you with more rapid energy replenishment. However, if you are seeking a more cost-effective option, lead-acid batteries could be a suitable choice for your needs.

Solar Battery Storage
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